Robert Napier

Standard Name: Napier, Robert


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Health Ellen Johnston
Within a few years of her daughter's birth, EJ 's health deteriorated so that she could no longer endure factory work.
Johnston, Ellen. Autobiography, Poems, and Songs. William Love.
Enabled by Robert Napier 's charity to rest for five months, she was...
Material Conditions of Writing Ellen Johnston
She writes that she was motivated to send her pieces to weekly newspapers because, in the wake of her daughter's birth, duty called me forth to turn the poetic gift that nature had given me...
Publishing Ellen Johnston
The forty-eight patrons and subscribers thanked in the second edition included Queen Victoria , Benjamin Disraeli , Robert Napier , and Lord Raglan , as well as other members of the nobility and the army...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Ellen Johnston
The substantial collection of poems runs to more than two hundred pages. The opening piece, An Address to Napier's Dockyard, Lancefield, Finnieston, establishes a first-person poetic persona as she addresses the factory itself and...


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