Mathilde de Mornay, marquise de Belboeuf

Standard Name: Belboeuf, Mathilde de Mornay,,, marquise de
Used Form: Missy


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Cultural formation Colette
Born into the French upper class and married into fashionable circles, Colette became notorious for her promiscuity. She had well-publicized affairs with both men and women, including the eccentric, aristocratic, cross-dressing music-hall performer Mathilde de Mornay, marquise de Belboeuf
Family and Intimate relationships Colette
Colette was still not divorced from Willy (her first husband) when she began a lesbian affair with Missy (Mathilde de Mornay, marquise de Belboeuf ), a duke's daughter and a woman of the theatre...
Occupation Colette
Colette 's name became a scandal when (appearing at the Moulin Rouge as a bejewelled mummy in a sarcophagus) she was brought back to life with a kiss from Missy (the show's author) in the...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Colette
Colette imagines the Ladies of Llangollen (Lady Eleanor Butler and Sarah Ponsonby , born during the eighteenth century) living among twentieth-century accoutrements like cars, cigarettes, and crossword puzzles.
Mavor, Elizabeth. The Ladies of Llangollen. Penguin.
They move in the same...


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