Conyers Middleton

Standard Name: Middleton, Conyers


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Education Elizabeth Montagu
Elizabeth was well-schooled along with her brothers and her sister. Commentators make much of the contribution supposedly provided by their step-grandfather, Cambridge scholar Conyers Middleton ; but in letters to her sister and to the...
Education Sarah Scott
SS was educated with her sister and brothers. Their mother's stepfather, Dr Conyers Middleton , apparently took a great interest in his step-grandchildren's education, although the sisters' letters mocked him.
Rizzo, Betty, and Sarah Scott. “Introduction”. The History of Sir George Ellison, University Press of Kentucky, p. ix - xlv.
Occupation Lady Mary Wortley Montagu
LMWM acted as patron to a number of writers (all male so far as is known), most notably Richard Savage and Henry Fielding , but also Edward Young and Samuel Boyse . Books to which...


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