James Stephen

Standard Name: Stephen, James,, 1758 - 1832


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Friends, Associates Virginia Woolf
Piecing together its intellectual family tree, scholars and critics have looked both forward and back from Bloomsbury. It has been seen as descending from the late eighteenth-century Clapham Sect (to which VW 's great-grandfather James Stephen
Textual Features Elizabeth Heyrick
Men have done nothing, says EH , in the five years since they undertook to ameliorate slavery (that is, since the Society for the Mitigation and Gradual Abolition of Slavery was founded in 1823). The...


mid 1792-1815: These were the active years of the informal...

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mid 1792-1815

These were the active years of the informal evangelical Anglican group later called the Clapham Sect (then known as the Saints ).


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