Nicholas Lezard

Standard Name: Lezard, Nicholas


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Literary responses Anne Carson
Nicholas Lezard , reviewing for the Guardian, wrote appreciatively of Carson's high-powered and unstoppably playful intellect.
Lezard, Nicholas. “Toward Gender Parity”. Guardian Weekly, p. 36.
Literary responses Germaine Greer
Nicholas Lezard , reviewing this book for The Guardian, proved Greer's point as he both sexualised and personalised his response: She is sui generis, seemingly unstoppable, very often right, and an extraordinarily talented self-publicist...
Literary responses Patricia Highsmith
Nicholas Lezard , in a review reacting vigorously against a hatchet job from the Times Literary Supplement (which suggested that the quality of the stories would disgrace a student on a creative writing course), praised...
Literary responses Marghanita Laski
The Times Literary Supplement judged that the novel's protagonist was its weakness: Hilary, it complained, remains throughout the guilt-torn and indecisive intellectual made only too familiar in scores of English novels.
Maclaren-Ross, Julian. “Moods & Moments”. Times Literary Supplement, No. 2486, p. 613.
In 2001 Nicholas Lezard
Literary responses Ursula K. Le Guin
Nicholas Lezard 's Guardian review (headed Forget Harry Potter . . . . J. K. Rowling) called this book a masterpiece of chilling narration. Lezard ended with praise of its style and its humour (a rare quality...
Textual Features Diana Athill
Nicholas Lezard wrote in the Guardian that this book teaches, in every line[,] the consolations of age, the common, shareable tone of experience. Athill begins the book, in fact, with her own old age, and...


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