Eva Moore

Standard Name: Moore, Eva


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Friends, Associates Kate Parry Frye
At the Bourne End house, KPF and her sister spent idyllic youthful days, canoeing, punting, and bicycling.
Frye, Kate Parry. “Introduction”. Campaigning for the Vote: Kate Parry Frye’s Suffrage Diary, edited by Elizabeth Crawford, Francis Boutle Publishers, pp. 9-34.
The Plat also provided KPF with access to an aristocratic network, as many upper-class families attended the...
Occupation Inez Bensusan
One of the playlets caused some controversy within the AFL membership. Actress Eva Moore was forced to resign from the League after performing in Her Vote, a comic skit written by her husband about...
Occupation Naomi Jacob
The Women's Emergency Corps was founded by a group of women, including actresses Eva and Decima Moore and (according to Jacob) Gertrude Kingston . Jacob's fellow volunteers there included Stella Benson and Viola Meynell ....
Performance of text Hélène Gingold
After its initial, single performance at the Brighton Pier in Sussex on 4 July 1910, Looking for Trouble went on to a forty-one-performance run at the Aldwych Theatre in London between 13 May and 21...
Textual Production Naomi Jacob
It was, she said, an adaptation from a play by H. V. Esmond entitled Birds of a Feather, whose chief role was an old Jew, grand, petty, noble, and inglorious, generous and impossibly mean—but...


10 December 1908: The inaugural meeting of the Actresses' Franchise...

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10 December 1908

The inaugural meeting of the Actresses' Franchise League was held at the Criterion Restaurant in London.

6 August 1914: Decima Moore, the Hon. Evelina Haverfield,...

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6 August 1914

Decima Moore , the Hon. Evelina Haverfield , Lena Ashwell , Eva Moore , and Mrs Kingsley Tarpey formed the Women's Emergency Corps , one of the first volunteer organisations created at the beginning of World War I.


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