Ogden Nash

Standard Name: Nash, Ogden


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Intertextuality and Influence Liz Lochhead
The play was written for the Royal Lyceum Theatre Company , who first performed it in Edinburgh on 24 January 1986. Lochhead surprised herself with her use of the Scots language: my grandmother's ....
Publishing Flannery O'Connor
Before her father died she was appointed art editor of her school newspaper, Peabody Palladium, and also began contributing to it doggerel verse in the style of Ogden Nash .
Gooch, Brad. Flannery. Little, Brown and Co.
Textual Features Penelope Fitzgerald
The style of these Thirteen Poems suggests a lineage of Edward Lear , Stevie Smith , and Ogden Nash . The briefest, A Lover's Humble Request, runs (in full): Look at me / O...


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