Jennie Erdal

Standard Name: Erdal, Jennie


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23 October 1987: Naim Attallah, the cultural tycoon33 proprietor...

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23 October 1987

Naim Attallah , the cultural tycoon
Diski, Jenny. “Darling, are you mad?”. London Review of Books, pp. 33-4.
proprietor of the Women's Press among other publishing imprints, published a book entitled Women.

25 May 1995: Naim Attallah, proprietor of the Women's...

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25 May 1995

Naim Attallah , proprietor of the Women's Press, published his first novel, entitled A Timeless Passion. Like all his other works, it was later asserted to be actually ghost-written, every word, by his employee Jennie Erdal .


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