Andrew Bonar Law

Standard Name: Bonar Law, Andrew


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Friends, Associates Elinor Glyn
One of EG 's closest friends was a leading Anglo-American socialite, Minnie, Lady Arthur Paget . She also became a good friend of author and philosopher F. H. Bradley , whom she met in France...


14 December 1918: The post-war general election (sometimes...

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14 December 1918

The post-war general election (sometimes called the coupon election) was the first in which some British women (those over thirty with a property qualification of their own or their husband's) voted.

23 October 1922: Andrew Bonar Law was chosen leader of the...

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23 October 1922

Andrew Bonar Law was chosen leader of the British Conservative Party following the resignation of Lloyd George .

15 November 1922: In the British general election the Conservative...

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15 November 1922

In the British general election the Conservative Party , under its recently-elected leader Bonar Law , won a majority of 77, ending David Lloyd George 's Liberal -Conservative coalition.

22 May 1923: Stanley Baldwin (Conservative) became Prime...

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22 May 1923

Stanley Baldwin (Conservative ) became Prime Minister following Bonar Law 's resignation on grounds of ill health.


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