William Cecil, Lord Burghley

Standard Name: Burghley, William Cecil,,, Lord


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Family and Intimate relationships Anne Bacon
Though none of AB 's sisters published their work as she did, almost all left evidence of their activity as scholars, letter-writers, translators, and poets. Mildred (1526-1589), the eldest, who married the statesman William Cecil (later Lord Burghley)
Health Queen Elizabeth I
QEI suffered an attack of smallpox which she barely survived. The question of the succession loomed, and Burghley actually wrote a memo instructing the Privy Council , in the event of her death, to appoint...
Textual Features Anne Bacon
She pleads with Lord Burghley for the rights of Nonconformists, and offers penetrating political, career, and medical advice to her sons and to the Earl of Essex . In many letters she dispenses godly counsel...
Textual Production Anne Bacon
An English version already printed in 1562 (the year of the original) had failed to give satisfaction, being hasty and inaccurate.
Lamb, Mary Ellen. “The Cooke Sisters: Attitudes toward Learned Women in the Renaissance”. Silent But For the Word, edited by Margaret P. Hannay, Kent State University Press, pp. 107-25.
Parker (a friend of AB 's husband), and her brother-in-law William Cecil (later Lord Burghley)


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