Mary Helen Washington

Standard Name: Washington, Mary Helen


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Publishing Zora Neale Hurston
This novel was translated into Italian in 1945 by Frassinelli Torino . It has been reprinted many times, with introductions by, among others, Sherley Anne Williams (1978), Mary Helen Washington (1990), Ruby Dee (1991), and...
Publishing Alice Walker
The germ of this novel lay in a story told to AW by her sister Ruth , probably in 1973, of how their step-grandmother, Rachel Walker , begged her husband 's mistress, Shug Perry ...
Reception Zora Neale Hurston
Along with Walker, ZNH has influenced many other writers, African-American and otherwise: these include Toni Cade Bambara , Gayl Jones , Toni Morrison , and Mary Helen Washington .


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