Dame Nellie Melba

Standard Name: Melba, Dame Nellie


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Friends, Associates Elma Napier
EN 's aristocratic lineage brought her into contact with many notable government and royal figures. As a young girl, she often visited the fifteenth-century Château de Breteuil, not far from Paris, home of her...
Friends, Associates Angela Thirkell
Here she attracted a number of visitors highly untypical of the area, such as Dame Nellie Melba and General Sir John Monash .
Gould, Tony, and Angela Thirkell. “Introduction”. Trooper to the Southern Cross, Virago, 1985, p. v - xiii.


15 June 1920
Dame Nellie Melba sang from the Marconi Company 's experimental radio studio at Chelmsford, Essex. The broadcast (the first one by a professional singer, publicly advertised) was heard in Europe and Newfoundland.