Nicholas I, Tsar of Russia

Standard Name: Nicholas I,, Tsar of Russia


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Literary Setting Bernice Rubens
As this frame suggests, the novel's central characters live in struggle. It opens in Odessa, on the winter day in December 1825 when Tsar Nicholas I came to the throne, with the near-simultaneous birth...
politics Charlotte Elizabeth Tonna
CET presented a petition on behalf of oppressed Russian Jews to Tsar Nicholas I . Signatories included many who shared her domestic reform agenda, including Lord Shaftesbury
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray, Brian Harrison, and Lawrence Goldman, editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
Travel Elizabeth Rigby
She stayed unexpectedly in St Petersburg until November, prevented from travelling further by an attack of fever. She then departed in a calèche for Reval, where she remained for two years before returning to England...


24 December 1825
Insurrection in Russia was led by secret societies (whose members came to be known as Decembrists for their participation in this conspiracy) which unsuccessfully tried to prevent Tsar Nicholas I 's accession.
March 1853
Tsar Nicholas I demanded that Russia be recognized as the protector of Orthodox Christians in Turkey.
July 1853
Tsar Nicholas I sent Russian troops into the Danubian Principalities of Moldavia and Wallachia.
November 1853
On the orders of Tsar Nicholas I , a Russian fleet attacked and destroyed a Turkish squadron of ships at Sinope on the Black Sea, killing 4000 Turkish sailors.
November 1854
Tsar Nicholas I of Russia accepted the Four Points proposed by Austria in the Crimean War.
March 1855
Tsar Nicholas I died, and was succeeded by his son Alexander II .