Thomas Bruce, seventh Earl of Elgin

Standard Name: Elgin, Thomas Bruce,,, seventh Earl of
Used Form: Lord Elgin


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Friends, Associates Helen Maria Williams
On her return to Paris after Robespierre's death, HMW and Stone lived in a house (where she held her salon) on the Quai Malaquais. After peace was announced between England and France in 1801...
Publishing Felicia Hemans
She wrote under the impression that the topic of the Elgin Marbles (ancient Greek carvings and statues removed from the Parthenon in Athens to England by Lord Elgin , and first exhibited in London in...


The Elgin Marbles, ancient Greek statues removed from the Parthenon in Athens by Lord Elgin , were exhibited for the first time in England.
15 February 1816
Lord Elgin petitioned the House of Commons : he wanted to compel the British Museum to buy his collection of ancient Greek artefacts, the Elgin Marbles (especially the famous frieze from the Parthenon in Athens).