William Aloysius Edwards

Standard Name: Edwards, William Aloysius


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Publishing Beatrice Harraden
BH collaborated with William A. Edwards in publishing with Lippincott of PhiladelphiaTwo Health-Seekers in Southern California, an advice or how-to book on running a small commercial orchard as an occupation for an invalid...
Residence Beatrice Harraden
In her chapters in Willam A. Edwards 's Two Health-Seekers in Southern California (published in the USA in 1897), BH described the time she spent on a San Diego fruit-farm in an attempt to improve...
Textual Production Beatrice Harraden
The copyright statement of this book was dated 1896, the preface September 1896, and the title-page 1897. It does not appear to have been published in Britain. Preface and dedication are signed by Harraden's co-author


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Harraden, Beatrice, and William Aloysius Edwards. Two Health-Seekers in Southern California. J. B. Lippincott, 1897.