Cynthia Hill Sandys

Standard Name: Sandys, Cynthia Hill


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Cultural formation Rosamond Lehmann
Lehmann was utterly devastated by Sally's death, almost out of her mind with grief.
Hastings, Selina. Rosamond Lehmann. Chatto and Windus.
Critic Judy Simons remarks that this event profoundly affected her behaviour patterns and her approach to writing.
Simons, Judy. Rosamond Lehmann. St Martin’s Press.
Lehmann was...
Textual Production Rosamond Lehmann
RL 's and Cynthia Hill Sandys 's two-volume work Letters from Our Daughters (received clairaudiently after the daughters' deaths) was published by the College of Psychic Science of London.
Lehmann, Rosamond. The Swan in the Evening. Collins.
Siegel, Ruth. Rosamond Lehmann: A Thirties Writer. Peter Lang.
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Lehmann, Rosamond, and Cynthia Hill Sandys. Letters from Our Daughters. College of Psychic Science, 1971.