Rowland Hunter

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Publishing Maria Edgeworth
This collection precipitated an irritated exchange of letters between ME and Rowland Hunter . He, not for the first time, proposed to reduce his payment on the grounds that he was no longer making money...
Publishing Maria Edgeworth
Her father had become so irritated with Rowland Hunter that he urged her to take the Memoirs to John Murray , but she did not do this. She earned seven hundred and fifty pounds from...
Publishing Anna Letitia Barbauld
At this date, though the war against France was, from a British point of view, going well, Britain was suffering terribly from its prosecution. Napoleon had not yet swung the balance against himself by invading...
Publishing Maria Edgeworth
Rowland Hunter paid less than for Edgeworth's earlier lesson volumes, to make up for his loss on Patronage.
Butler, Marilyn. Maria Edgeworth: A Literary Biography. Clarendon.
This did not exhaust the afterlife of these popular stories, or handbooks of science. ME
Publishing Maria Edgeworth
The first (three-volume) edition was published by her new publishers, Baldwin and Cradock . The second, four volumes, was published by Joseph Johnson in 1814. Joseph Johnson's nephew Rowland Hunter offered ME two thousand one...
Textual Production Maria Edgeworth
R. Hunter , successor to Joseph Johnson , issued ME 's father 's Readings on Poetry, with a preface and final chapter by Maria.
Butler, Marilyn. Maria Edgeworth: A Literary Biography. Clarendon.


After June 1809: Progressive publisher Joseph Johnson died,...

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After June 1809

Progressive publisher Joseph Johnson died, and his two nephews, John Miles and Rowland Hunter , took over the business.


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