Elizabeth Poole Sandford

Standard Name: Sandford, Elizabeth Poole


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Literary responses Hester Mulso Chapone
Her brother John wrote of the Praises that resound on all Sides following the publication of this book, though he regretted that reviewers, in praising the moral content, had ignored the literary style.
Myers, Sylvia Harcstark. The Bluestocking Circle: Women, Friendship, and the Life of the Mind in Eighteenth-Century England. Clarendon, 1990.
Recently Sylvia Harcstark Myers
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Maria Jane Jewsbury
MJJ also used her contributions to the Athenæum as an opportunity to discuss women's position in society. Reviewing Elizabeth Sandford 's Woman in her Social and Domestic Character, she criticizes the author's representation of...


Elizabeth Poole Sandford published the conduct bookWoman in Her Social and Domestic Character.