John Murray

Standard Name: Murray, John,, 1851 - 1928
Used Form: John Murray, the fourth


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Publishing Elizabeth Grant
Strachey's popular edition was reprinted four more times that year and publisher John Murray reported a demand for still further copies.
Grant, Elizabeth. “Introduction”. Memoirs of a Highland Lady, edited by Andrew Tod, Canongate.
Publishing Rose Macaulay
RM 's previous publisher, John MurrayJohn Murray , was astonished to learn of her win: she had not submitted the manuscript to him. However, he wrote her a congratulatory note, which he concluded: If at any...
Publishing Catharine Amy Dawson Scott
She said that William Heinemann and other publishers were full of the spirit of commercialism. He had reportedly told her: So tragic is the book, it would never find readers.
“Dictionary of Literary Biography online”. Gale Databases: Literature Resource Center-LRC.
Murray 's suggestion that...
Textual Production Elizabeth Rigby
Although she grew increasingly frail, ER continued writing throughout her last years. In January 1889 (her eightieth year) she published in the Quarterly Review another anonymous piece on Italy, Venice: Her Institutions and Private...


12 March 1896: The Publishers Association was officially...

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12 March 1896

The Publishers Association was officially founded at a constitutional meeting in Stationers' Hall, London.


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