Nancy Nicholson

Standard Name: Nicholson, Nancy


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Family and Intimate relationships Laura Riding
In probably February 1924 LR began a brief but passionate affair with writer Allen Tate , whom she called Alastor after Shelley 's poem of that title. After her first marriage ended in divorce, LR
Health Laura Riding
After talking all night at 35 St Peter's Square, Hammersmith, with her intimates Robert Graves , Nancy Nicholson , and Geoffrey Phibbs , LR jumped from her bedroom window four storeys up.
Friedmann, Elizabeth. A Mannered Grace. Persea Books.
Reception Laura Riding
Again most of the reviews turned out to be excellent. Reviewers recognized the farcical quality intended, and though the Daily Telegraph considered the book silly and nasty, others used words like briskness and economy,adroit...
Travel Laura Riding
LR , Robert Graves , and Nancy Nicholson found life in Egypt difficult, and stayed only for some months. They all came back to England with ragged nerves (initially to the cottage at Islip near...


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