William Trevor

Standard Name: Trevor, William
Birth Name: Trevor Cox


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Literary responses Susan Hill
SH was awarded the CBE for her writing in the birthday honours of 2012.
Hill, Susan. “Susan Hill”. Susan Hill.
Critics often comment on her wide range of genres: for example, Peggy Reynolds calls her a chameleon, while William Trevor
Literary responses Pamela Hansford Johnson
Again PHJ had such doubts about the quality of this novel that she would have burned the manuscript if her younger son had not intervened.
Johnson, Pamela Hansford. Important to Me. Macmillan; Scribner.
On the whole her son was vindicated: the novel...


By late October 1975: The short-story volume Angels at the Ritz,...

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By late October 1975

The short-story volume Angels at the Ritz, by expatriate Irish writer William Trevor (born Trevor Cox in 1928), was hailed by Graham Greene as probably the best collection of stories since Joyce 's Dubliners.

25 May 1995: Naim Attallah, proprietor of the Women's...

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25 May 1995

Naim Attallah , proprietor of the Women's Press, published his first novel, entitled A Timeless Passion. Like all his other works, it was later asserted to be actually ghost-written, every word, by his employee Jennie Erdal .


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