Ann Underwood

Standard Name: Underwood, Ann


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Friends, Associates Joanna Southcott
JS 's closest associates were Jane Townley (who published letters about her and took her in as a household member for most of her last decade), and her servant, Ann Underwood , who acted as...
Publishing Joanna Southcott
In this productive year JS issued Letters and Communications: lately written to Jane Townley (which was edited by her servant and friend Ann Underwood and published at Stourbridge).
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Townley was Southcott's friend and patron...
Textual Production Joanna Southcott
JS 's publications this year included Copies of Letters sent to the Clergy of Exeter, from 1796 to 1800, The Book of Wonders, and The Second Book of Wonders. (Ann Underwood


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Southcott, Joanna, and Ann Underwood. An Answer to Thomas Paine’s Third Part of the Age of Reason. Printed by Marchant and Galabin, 1812.
Southcott, Joanna, and Ann Underwood. The Book of Wonders. Printed by Marchant and Galabin, 1813.