John Meres

Standard Name: Meres, John


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Friends, Associates Charlotte Forman
John Wilkes became her staunch friend and patron: she built this relationship herself through the wit, charm, and pathos of her letters. Another patron, the Earl of Hillsborough , proved disappointing as a source of...
Publishing Charlotte Forman
CF told Wilkes that she did large quantities of gruelling translation work. During 1768-9 she provided such material first for John Meres (who, with his wife, became her personal friends) and then, after he went...
Wealth and Poverty Charlotte Forman
Her release was helped by publishers like John Meres (whose wife gave her a guinea) and John Newbery (who gave two guineas and promised her work, but then died). She pawned her clothes, and the...


15 November 1768: Publisher John Meres had his business seized...

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15 November 1768

Publisher John Meres had his business seized for arrears of £500 in the payment of stamp duty exacted on the printing of periodicals.


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