E. H. Young

Standard Name: Young, E. H.
Birth Name: Emily Hilda Young
As well as eleven middle-brow novels, published between 1910 and shortly after the Second World War and most of them fine examples of the twentieth-century domestic style, EHY wrote stories and poems printed in magazines, and two books for children. Her novels were a popular success, doing well in cheap reprint series and in radio readings and dramatizations.


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30 July 1935: Penguin Books issued its first ten titles:...

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30 July 1935

Penguin Books issued its first ten titles: sixpenny paperbacks with a characteristic penguin logo.


Young, E. H. A Corn of Wheat. Heinemann, 1910.
Young, E. H., and H. J. Haley. Caravan Island. A. and C. Black, 1940.
Young, E. H. Celia. J. Cape, 1937.
Young, E. H. Chatterton Square. J. Cape, 1947.
Young, E. H. Jenny Wren. J. Cape, 1932.
Young, E. H. Miss Mole. J. Cape, 1930.
Young, E. H. Moor Fires. J. Murray, 1916.
Young, E. H. River Holiday. A. and C. Black, 1942.
Young, E. H. The Bridge Dividing. Heinemann, 1922.
Young, E. H. The Curate’s Wife. J. Cape, 1934.
Young, E. H. The Vicar’s Daughter. J. Cape, 1928.
Young, E. H. William. J. Cape, 1925.
Young, E. H. Yonder. Heinemann, 1912.