E. Arnot Robertson

Standard Name: Robertson, E. Arnot
Birth Name: Eileen Arbuthnot Robertson
Pseudonym: E. Arnot Robertson
Married Name: Eileen Arbuthnot Turner
Titled: Eileen Arbuthnot, Lady Turner
During the middle decades of the twentieth century, EAR published nine novels (the last one posthumously), as well as shorter fiction, a work of topography and one of naval history, and a book for children. Her earlier fiction was better received than later works. She became extremely well known as a broadcaster and film reviewer.


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Her title (already used for a different kind of novel by E. Arnot Robertson


1 February 1956
In the Declaration of Washington (one of a number of statements to bear this title), the US President and British Prime Minister pronounced together on relations between the Free World and the Soviet Union.