Dorothy Blakey

Standard Name: Blakey, Dorothy


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names Medora Gordon Byron
Miss Byron is the form in which this writer's name appears on all the books ascribed to her except three bearing the pseudonym A Modern Antique. Bibliographer Dorothy Blakey called the author of both...
Textual Production Medora Gordon Byron
The title of this work appears to have been particularly unstable. Scholar Dorothy Blakey saw it advertised in this form, which appears in a Critical Review list (Blakey omits the second the). The English...
Textual Production Anna Maria Mackenzie
The first volume has a frontispiece (two women meeting a man in armour) and the title-page quotes some lines about the insecurity of a throne won through ambition. These are ascribed to Fielding 's Merope...
Textual Production Mary Julia Young
A three-volume, anonymous Minerva novel, The Family Party, 1791, has also been widely ascribed to MJY since Dorothy Blakey first made the attribution in 1939 from a Minerva catalogue of 1814.
Blakey, Dorothy. The Minerva Press 1790-1820. Oxford University Press, p. 337 pp.
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1790: William Lane's publishing firm first took...

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William Lane 's publishing firm first took the name Minerva Press , in the same year that his Minerva Circulating Library (linked with his publishing activities) issued its first catalogue. This listed more than 10,000 titles.


Blakey, Dorothy. The Minerva Press 1790-1820. Oxford University Press, 1939, p. 337 pp.