Charlotte Barnard

Standard Name: Barnard, Charlotte
Birth Name: Charlotte Alington Pye
Pseudonym: Claribel
Pseudonym: Condor
CB was a balladeer and poet who composed music for songs written by herself and by others such as Alfred Tennyson and Charlotte Brontë . Over the span of eleven years she composed about a hundred songs and hymns, including some for children. Her music was popular in Britain and also in the USA.
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Friends, Associates Jean Ingelow
JI had a small but distinguished circle of intimate friends. By 1863 she was a friend of Alfred Tennyson and was also close to Dora Greenwell . She admired and respected Robert Browning (though she...
Publishing Jean Ingelow
She dedicated the work to her brother George Ingelow .
Ingelow, Jean. Poems. Roberts Brothers.
It went through three editions that year and twenty-seven more in later years. Subsequent editions occasionally featured additional poems, elaborate cover designs, and intricate...


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