Edwin Collas Dawson

Standard Name: Dawson, Edwin Collas


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Literary responses Charlotte Maria Tucker
Edwin Collas Dawson wrote that CMT 's plays have considerable merit. She had a rare humour and an incisive way of making points quite peculiar to herself. Her gift of badinage never deserted her all...
Literary responses Charlotte Maria Tucker
Agnes Giberne believed that this book fictionalized spiritual struggles from CMT 's own life.
Giberne, Agnes, and W. F. Tucker Hamilton. A Lady of England. Hodder and Stoughton, 1895.
Canon Edwin Collas Dawson later remembered with delight how its dauntless hero [of] breathless adventures wrapped the meaning and moral...
Residence Charlotte Maria Tucker
CMT had always been deeply interested in India, where her father and many other relatives had built their careers. No less than five of the family were there at the time of the Mutiny....


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