Princess Elizabeth

Standard Name: Elizabeth, Princess,, 1770 - 1840


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Friends, Associates Ellis Cornelia Knight
ECK continued through the later part of her life to cultivate relationships with royalty and the aristocracy, of her own nation and others. Her friendships with Lord St Vincent and with Lady Aylesbury (or Ailesbury)
Occupation Ellis Cornelia Knight
At the request of the Prince Regent (later George IV ), and the urgings of the princesses Mary , Elizabeth , and Sophia , ECK agreed to serve as one of the lady companions to...
Occupation Ellis Cornelia Knight
The Queen would call on her each morning on her way to Frogmore, her house in Windsor's Home Park.
Knight, Ellis Cornelia. The Autobiography of Miss Knight. Editor Fulford, Roger, William Kimber & Co.
83 n1
The Queen was fond of being read aloud to in either French, English...
Residence Frances Trollope
She visited Ostend, Bruges, Ghent, Antwerp, and the battlefield of Waterloo. She also visited Charlemagne 's cathedral at Aiz-la-Chapelle or Aachen, as well as the Rhine and surrounding region...
Textual Production Barbara Hofland
BH published, with the Minerva Press , a four-volume novel, A Father as He Should Be, dedicated to Princess Elizabeth (one of the daughters of George III).
Critical Review. W. Simpkin and R. Marshall.
5th ser. 1 (1815): 84
Butts, Dennis. Mistress of our Tears, A Literary and Bibliographical Study of Barbara Hofland. Scolar Press.
Travel Ellis Cornelia Knight
In 1824 ECK visited Germany at the invitation of Princess Elizabeth , one of George III's daughters who in 1818 had married Prince Friedrich (later Friedrich VI, Landgrave of Hesse Homburg). ECK also met on...


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