Cassandra, Lady Hawke

Standard Name: Hawke, Cassandra,,, Lady
Birth Name: Cassandra Turner
Married Name: Cassandra Hawke
Titled: Cassandra, Lady Hawke
Indexed Name: The Right Honourable Lady H***
CLH was the author of a single, sentimental, pompously styled novel published in 1788, as well as of unpublished works.


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Publishing Ann Gomersall
It appeared in two volumes, undated, printed for the authoress, by the Literary Society at the Logographic Press
English Short Title Catalogue.
which suggests collaboration or co-operation between a group founded by John Trusler and a publishing house...
Publishing Ann Gomersall
She called herself Mrs. Gomersall of Leeds,
Garside, Peter et al., editors. The English Novel 1770-1829. Oxford University Press.
1: 505
and mentioned her previous novel (having advertised this one at the end of the first). The Citizen appeared from Scatcherd and Whitaker , in two volumes...
Publishing Isabella Kelly
The preface states that much of this material was written before she reached the age of fourteen, and the rest under the pressure of a variety of domestic calamities,
Kelly, Isabella. A Collection of Poems and Fables. Richardson.
including wrongs to her father...


By 22 July 1797: William Beckford published a second and more...

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By 22 July 1797

William Beckford published a second and more marked burlesque attack on women's writing: Azemia: A Descriptive and Sentimental Novel. Interspersed with Pieces of Poetry.


Cassandra, Lady Hawke,. Julia de Gramont. B. White and Son, 1788.