John Collett Ryland

Standard Name: Ryland, John Collett


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Literary responses Maria De Fleury
The Critical Review expressed the opinion that MDF 's views here were basically correct but a little too violent.
Critical Review. W. Simpkin and R. Marshall.
2nd ser. 1 (1791): 346
It declined to enter the controversy when later that year a...
Textual Features Maria De Fleury
This follows up and reinforces her Antinomianism Unmasked, but is written ad hominem. She associates with Huntington the Rev. Mr. Ryland, Senior, who must be John Collett Ryland (1723-92).
De Fleury, Maria. Falsehood Examined at the Bar of Truth. T. Wilkins.
After quoting Huntington
Textual Production Maria De Fleury
The book is bolstered by prefaces from Thomas Wills (an associate of Selina, Countess of Huntingdon but an antagonist in print of William Huntington ), John Towers (to whose Independent congregation MDF belonged), John Collett Ryland
Textual Production Maria De Fleury
Huntington (1745-1813) was a Calvinist clergyman, a preacher, and a phenomenally productive controversialist in print. He was an Antinomian (meaning that he held people could be saved by faith alone, disregarding obedience to commandments). He...


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