Maude Blackwell

Standard Name: Blackwell, Maude


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death Alice Dixon Le Plongeon
Her remains were cremated, and Maude Blackwell spread them at sea so that they would be with those of her husband Augustus . Most of her assets were divided among her siblings, including clothing left...
Family and Intimate relationships Alice Dixon Le Plongeon
From 1900 Augustus's health began to decline, and Alice was prompted to cancel some lectures in order to care for him, with the help of her friend Maude Blackwell . Her sister Lucy later wrote,...
Family and Intimate relationships Alice Dixon Le Plongeon
Maude Blackwell had committed to furthering the work of the Le Plongeons even after they both died. She succeeded in publishing two of Augustus's articles years later, but was never able to publish ADLP 's...
Friends, Associates Alice Dixon Le Plongeon
Maude Blackwell of Toronto met ADLP after hearing one of her lectures around 1895, and quickly became one of her most trusted friends. Blackwell was loyal to the Le Plongeons long after they died.
Desmond, Lawrence Gustave. Yucatan Through Her Eyes: Alice Dixon Le Plongeon, Writer and Expeditionary Photographer. University of New Mexico.


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