Whyte Melville

Standard Name: Melville, Whyte


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Education John Strange Winter
After this she completed her education at home. Although even in this context she says, I was not well educated, for I never would learn,
Bainton, George, editor. The Art of Authorship. J. Clarke.
she also described herself as having always been from...
Intertextuality and Influence George Douglas
The three title-pages of this novel bear lines of poetry on their versoes: from, respectively, Bret Harte , Whyte Melville , and Longfellow . Its tone (except perhaps in the denouement) is quite unlike the...
Intertextuality and Influence John Strange Winter
Relaying this account in his biography of JSW , Oliver Bainbridge wrote that she researched, along with the methods of Wilkie Collins, those of her other favourites including Charles Reade , Charles and Henry Kingsley
Intertextuality and Influence John Strange Winter
While in reminiscence JSW was uncertain as to the title of this early composition, she acknowledged the influence on it of Ouida and Whyte Melville . She sent the story to the journal Wedding Bells...


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