Mary Frere

Standard Name: Frere, Mary
Birth Name: Mary Eliza Isabella Frere
Nickname: May
MF , a studious late Victorian of wide interests, was a largely private writer, who won fame with her re-telling in English of South Indian folktales, fairy stories, and fables. These have been generally treated as her unassisted work, though she herself gave full credit to the Indian woman from whose mouth she heard them, Anna Liberata de Souza . They have sometimes, too, been regarded as children's literature. Apart from this one book, which attained the status of a classic, MF published only one play and a handful of poems.


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This volume is not really to be counted among FAS 's output of short stories; it is designed for children, and in it she was, like Mary Frere , translating and relaying folk-tales she had...


March 1873: A Times correspondent reported that Sir Bartle...

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March 1873

A Times correspondent reported that Sir Bartle Frere (father of the folklorist Mary Frere ) had received a flat refusal from the Sultan of Zanzibar in his attempt negotiate an end to the Zanzibarian slave trade.


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