Mitzi Myers

Standard Name: Myers, Mitzi


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Literary responses Maria Edgeworth
Literary memoirs and old second-hand illustrated editions testify to ME 's enormously wide juvenile audience during the Victorian period. She influenced the work of later children's writers as various as Louisa May Alcott , Frances Hodgson Burnett
Publishing Maria Edgeworth
This was not the first collected edition, and another followed in 1848.
Butler, Marilyn. Maria Edgeworth: A Literary Biography. Clarendon.
In 1999-2003 her works appeared in a scholarly 12-volume set from Pickering and Chatto , edited by Marilyn Butler and Mitzi Myers .
Textual Features Sarah Trimmer
This journal included essays on moral topics. It was important for taking children's literature seriously and publishing reviews of it. Critic Andrew O'Malley notes that the reviews contain a compendium of her views on education...
Textual Production Sarah Trimmer
It was collected in five volumes for publication in book form in 1810. An index to it was published in 1990 by UCLA , with an introduction by Mitzi Myers .
Avery, Gillian et al. “Selected Bibliography: Sarah Trimmer”. Fabulous Histories; and, The Dairyman’s Daughter, edited by Justin G. Schiller et al., Garland Publishing, p. xiv - xvi.
Heath, Pauline. The works of Mrs. Trimmer (1742-1810). Lambert Academic Publishing.
Textual Production Susanna Haswell Rowson
This appeared in the same year as the sixth edition of Ann Murry 's work of the same title, Mentoria; or, The Young Lady's Instructor, first published in 1778 (to which it bears no...


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