Sarah Grimké

Standard Name: Grimké, Sarah
Used Form: Sarah Grimke


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politics Harriet Beecher Stowe
HBS was drawn into debates about abolition during the 1830s but failed to become radicalized or to see the feminist implications perceived by other abolitionists such as the Grimkésisters , Elizabeth Cady Stanton ...
Textual Features Anna Brownell Jameson
ABJ accords Mary the gifts of poetess and prophetess.
Mermin, Dorothy. Godiva’s Ride: Women of Letters in England 1830-1880. Indiana University Press.
Her interpretation of the Madonna—whom she considers a new type of womanly perfection,
Adams, Kimberly VanEsveld. “The Madonna and Anna Jameson”. Women’s Theology in Nineteenth-Century Britain: Transfiguring the Faith of Their Fathers, edited by Julie Melnyk, Garland, pp. 59-82.
both fully human and fully divine, and Christ's near-equal—for female empowerment...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Harriet Martineau
This essay was also a review of three books on spiritual potentates of our age.
Martineau, Harriet. “The Martyr Age of the United States”. London and Westminster Review, Vol.
, pp. 1-59.
HM treats in some detail the history of the movement for abolition, including the controversy over female participation in...


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