Patrick McGuinness

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Literary responses Carol Ann Duffy
Patrick McGuinness in the London Review of Books remarked on CAD 's ability to get into any shape she likes,
McGuinness, Patrick. “Get rid of time and everything’s dancing”. London Review of Books, pp. 15 - 6.
creating a different voice for each of her different characters. In these poems, he...
Literary responses Hope Mirrlees
An enthusiastic review of this volume by Patrick McGuinness included substantial comment on Paris.
McGuinness, Patrick. “Knee-deep in dreams”. The Guardian, p. Review 18.
Review 18
Reception Hope Mirrlees
Patrick McGuinness found in HM 's poems of the 1960s no sign of her earlier radicalism, though many are impressively stringent in their thinking.
McGuinness, Patrick. “Knee-deep in dreams”. The Guardian, p. Review 18.
Review 18
Textual Features Nancy Cunard
The outlaws in question are lovers: he a demon lover, she a fearless woman. The writing here reflects a modernist love of allusion: it is, says Patrick McGuinness , derivative in quite original ways. Sometimes...
Textual Features Hope Mirrlees
According to a later poet, Patrick McGuinness , this poem immerses the reader both in Parisian high culture and in a seamier, more more disjointed and immediate kind of metropolitanism, with shreds of advertising, brand...
Textual Production Nancy Cunard
The same year she dedicated to Edward John Thompson the poem Man Ship Tank Gun Plane, which Patrick McGuinness judges to be one of her best.
McGuinness, Patrick. “Their Mad Gallopade”. London Review of Books, No. 2, pp. 36 - 7.
Textual Production Nancy Cunard
NC 's literary reputation is still bedevilled by her celebrity status. For spring 2012 the fashion house Gucci launched a Hard Deco line which it called a joint homage to her and film star Louise Brooks


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