Charlotte de la Trémouille Stanley, Countess of Derby

Standard Name: Derby, Charlotte de la Trémouille Stanley,,, Countess of
Used Form: Charlotte de la Tremouille, Countess of Derby


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Textual Production Sarah Tytler
ST 's children's novel At Lathom's Siege features two fictional heroines, but is set during the actual defence of Lathom House under the command of the Countess of Derby during the English Civil War.
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Theme or Topic Treated in Text Priscilla Wakefield
Despite the title, the travel in this sequel or companion to The Juvenile Travellers confines itself to the British Isles, where one of the most pressing topics of local interest is association with writers...


12 March to 25 May 1644: In her husband's absence the royalist Countess...

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12 March to 25 May 1644

In her husband 's absence the royalist Countess of Derby , born a Huguenot Frenchwoman, successfully stood a siege at Lathom House in Lancashire (a towered and moated building).


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