Philip Thicknesse

Standard Name: Thicknesse, Philip


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Family and Intimate relationships Maria Barrell
Her husband was the elder James Mackittrick Adair (1728-1801). He had practised as a physician in Antigua and was one of the many enemies of Philip Thicknesse . His first wife was named Anne Barter...
Family and Intimate relationships Ann Thicknesse
Ann Ford married (at Felixstowe in Suffolk, as his third wife) the writer, entrepreneur, adventurer, and laudanum addict Philip Thicknesse , whose second wife, Lady Elizabeth, had been a good friend of hers and...
Family and Intimate relationships Ann Thicknesse
AT 's husband Philip Thicknesse suffered a seizure and died in a travelling carriage on the road near Boulogne in France.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray et al., editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
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Publishing Ann Thicknesse
The first volume has a frontispiece portrait of AT , and the second has a companion piece of her late husband .
Garside, Peter et al., editors. The English Novel 1770-1829. Oxford University Press.
2: 125
The book is dedicated to Fashion Herself,
Thicknesse, Ann. The School for Fashion. Reynell, Debrett and Fores, and Robinson.
1: vi
Textual Features Ann Thicknesse
Mr Tudor in this text is of course based on AT 's husband Philip . He first appears as the husband of Lady Elizabeth, who was as remarkable for his sense and penetration, as he...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Ann Thicknesse
After this AT says she will follow the example of some of her French authors and introduce her own person into her work, to tell the story of a slight thrown upon the first object...
Wealth and Poverty Ann Thicknesse
The Thicknesse family's relation to money was also unstable. The house at Quoit was bought with a legacy left to AT ; the fashionable house in the Crescent at Bath was sold for two thousand...


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Thicknesse, Philip. A Year’s Journey through France, and part of Spain. 1777.
Thicknesse, Philip. A Year’s Journey through France, and part of Spain. W. Brown, 1778.
Thicknesse, Philip. A Year’s Journey through the Paix Bâs and Austrian Netherlands. 1784.
Thicknesse, Philip. Memoirs and Anecdotes of Philip Thicknesse. 1788.