Roald Kristian

Standard Name: Kristian, Roald
Pseudonym: Edgar de Bergen


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Family and Intimate relationships Nina Hamnett
NH and Edgar de Bergen (that is, actually Roald Kristian) were married at the Brentford Register Office.
Hooker, Denise. Nina Hamnett: queen of bohemia. Constable and Company Limited.
Booth-Clibborn, Edward, and Nina Hamnett. “Introduction”. Laughing Torso, Virago, p. v - x.
Family and Intimate relationships Nina Hamnett
That summer, 1914, NH had met a mysterious Norwegian artist whom in her memoirs she calls Edgar de Bergen . He declined to tell her his last name or nationality; her nephew says his real...
Family and Intimate relationships Nina Hamnett
Edgar de Bergen , or Roald Kristian, was arrested in 1917 under the Aliens' Act, for failing to register as a foreigner in war time. Having ignored a warning to report to the authorities, he...
Leisure and Society Nina Hamnett
Sickert painted her in 1915 or 1916, sitting smoking with Roald Kristian , in a work entitled The Little Tea Party.
Bell, Julian. “So South Kensington”. London Review of Books, No. 18, pp. 27-9.
politics Nina Hamnett
One evening in late July 1914, NHwas suddenly seized with an indescribable feeling of horror. She writes that she thought it a premonition that something terrible was going to happen in her personal life...


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