Alexander Stuart Frere-Reeves

Standard Name: Frere-Reeves, Alexander Stuart
Used Form: A. S. Frere


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Family and Intimate relationships Elizabeth von Arnim
EA began an affair with Alexander Stuart Frere-Reeves ; she loosely chronicled the relationship in her novel Love, 1925.
Usborne, Karen. "Elizabeth": The Author of Elizabeth and Her German Garden. Bodley Head.
Friends, Associates Elizabeth von Arnim
On her return to London, EA found that her husband's smear campaign had effectively alienated her from her established social set. She responded by cultivating a friendship with a younger man, Alexander Stuart Frere-Reeves
Publishing Georgette Heyer
GH published at least one book a year in England between 1921 and 1960, sometimes more. Her publication history in the United States is more sporadic because she did not have an established American publisher...
Textual Production Elizabeth von Arnim
EA published the novel Love, in which she draws on her affair with Alexander Stuart Frere-Reeves to tell the story of an older widow who meets and falls in love with a much younger...


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