Frances St John, Countess of Bolingbroke

Standard Name: Bolingbroke, Frances St John,,, Countess of


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Family and Intimate relationships Elizabeth (Cavendish) Egerton, Countess of Bridgewater
Elizabeth's sister Jane , the leading writer (poet and playwright) of the group in their adolescent years, married Charles Cheyne in 1655 (not 1654 as generally said) and died in 1669. Their other sister, Frances
Family and Intimate relationships Lady Jane Cavendish
Jane's sister Lady Elizabeth (who after her marriage in 1641 was surnamed Egerton and titled Brackley, then Bridgewater) was a junior partner in her literary pursuits and years later, after her marriage, the author of...
Family and Intimate relationships Lady Jane Cavendish
In November of the same year Jane's sister Frances married Oliver St John, second Earl of Bolingbroke .
Violence Lady Jane Cavendish
Welbeck Abbey, where LJC was based with both her married sister, Elizabeth , and her unmarried one, Frances , fell to Roundhead forces and for a year harboured a garrison of which they were virtual prisoners.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray et al., editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.


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