Alexander Graham Bell

Standard Name: Bell, Alexander Graham


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Family and Intimate relationships Pauline Johnson
George Johnson was present at the first telephone calls from the home of Alexander Graham Bell in Brantford, Ontario. When offered a chance to try the telephone, he deliberately confused the listener at the other...
Friends, Associates Sara Jeannette Duncan
George Brown , newspaper editor and later politician, was a friend of Charles Duncan and visited the Duncan home with some regularity. Another family friend was Alexander Graham Bell .
Fowler, Marian. Redney: A Life of Sara Jeannette Duncan. Anansi.
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3 March 1876: Alexander Graham Bell patented the telep...

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3 March 1876

Alexander Graham Bell patented the telephone.

10 August 1876: The first telephone conversation over a significant...

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10 August 1876

The first telephone conversation over a significant distance (eight miles) was made by Alexander Graham Bell .

1878: Two years after the first microphone (a telephone...

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Two years after the first microphone (a telephone transmitter made for Alexander Graham Bell ), David Edward Hughes invented the carbon microphone, forerunner of those which revolutionised sound recording around 1925.

1886: Alexander Graham Bell, Chichester Bell, and...

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Alexander Graham Bell , Chichester Bell , and Charles Tainter , vastly improved the sound recording ability of Thomas Edison 's phonograph with their invention of the graphophone.


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