Ann Eliza Bleecker

Standard Name: Bleecker, Ann Eliza
Birth Name: Ann Eliza Schuyler
Married Name: Ann Eliza Bleecker
AEB , now seen as the finest American lyricist of the late eighteenth century, left only about thirty-six of her poems extant; she destroyed the rest. Two prose fictions were also published after her early death.
Frontispiece to Ann Eliza Bleecker's Posthumous Works, 1793, an engraved portrait bust on a pedestal bearing her name. She looks out from an oval frame decorated with flowers. She faces the viewer, though she is turned slightly to her left. Her hair is off her face, with curls collected at the nape of her neck. She wears a dress with a simple neckline embellished with small ruffles.
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This poem, about 3,500 lines long, is written mostly in couplets of anapestic tretrameter with other feet like iambs and trochees here and there, many lines than run on past the rhyme-word, and with caesura...


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