John Ball

Standard Name: Ball, John,, d. 1381


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Textual Features Maureen Duffy
While the present-day plot produces a series of surreal confrontations, it is punctuated by a string of glimpses into the past. These begin when Swanscombe Man (the prehistoric human whose bones are the earliest evidence...


May 1381: Insurrection followed Wat Tyler's killing...

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May 1381

Insurrection followed Wat Tyler 's killing of a poll-tax collector for indecent rudeness to his daughter; this became known as the Peasants' Revolt.

November 1886-January 1887: William Morris published A Dream of John...

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November 1886-January 1887

William Morris published A Dream of John Ball in his socialist journal, Commonweal. It appeared in volume form in 1888.


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