Hugo Cassirer

Standard Name: Cassirer, Hugo


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Education Anna Livia
The school is located near the South African border; it was attended by the sons of Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela during Apartheid. Nadine Gordimer 's son Hugo Cassirer was also a student there. Anna...
Family and Intimate relationships Nadine Gordimer
NG was twice married. In 1949 she married a dentist called Gerald Gavronsky or Gavron, whom she divorced in 1952.
Brockes, Emma. “A Life in Books. Nadine Gordimer”. The Guardian, pp. Review 12 - 13.
Review 12
In 1954 she married art-dealer Reinhold Cassirer , who had come to South...
Textual Production Nadine Gordimer
NG also worked in film. She provided the introduction for a film made for television about relations between black and white women in South Africa, entitled Maids and Madams, and with her son...


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