Hortense Mancini, Duchess of Mazarin

Standard Name: Mazarin, Hortense Mancini,,, Duchess of
Used Form: Duchess of Mazarine
Used Form: Hortense Mancini, duchesse de Mazarin


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Dedications Aphra Behn
According to its title-page, it was published in 1689.
O’Donnell, Mary Ann. Aphra Behn: An Annotated Bibliography of Primary and Secondary Sources. Garland.
It was dedicated to Hortense Mancini, duchesse de Mazarin , now settled in England (who had been, like Behn's former dedicatee Nell Gwyn, a mistress...
Textual Features Sarah Chapone
SC 's attitude to this very public fallen woman is unusual and carefully analysed. The situation recalls that of Mary Astell writing about Hortense Mancini in Reflections on Marriage.
Glover, Susan Paterson, and Sarah Chapone. “Introduction”. The Hardships of the English Laws, Routledge, pp. 1-16.
As a most abused...
Textual Production Mary Astell
MA anonymously published Some Reflections Upon Marriage, Occasion'd by the Duke and Duchess of Mazarine 's Case; this has become the best-known of her works.
Norton, J. E. “Some Uncollected Authors, XXVII: Mary Astell, 1666-1731”. The Book Collector, Vol.
, pp. 58-65.


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