Susan Smythies

Standard Name: Smythies, Susan
Birth Name: Susan Smythies
Indexed Name: Susan Smythes
Pseudonym: A Lady
Pseudonym: The Author of The Stage-Coach and Lucy Wellers
SS published three novels during the 1750s, which show her well versed both in the modern novel created by Henry Fielding and Richardson , and in an older tradition of satirical and didactic fiction relying on such techniques as humours names and inset tales. The children's books bearing her name did not appear till after her death.


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Family and Intimate relationships Harriet Smythies
HS married the Rev. William Yorick Smythies , a member of a family prolific in clergymen.
The family was that of the mid-eighteenth-century novelist Susan Smythies .
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26 March 1743: Anne Smythies née Summers of Lavenham in...

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26 March 1743

Anne Smythies née Summers of Lavenham in Suffolk (cousin by marriage of the novelist Susan Smythies ) received from the Bishop of Norwich a licence to practise publicly in curing scrofula or the King's Evil.


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