Margaret Moan Rowe

Standard Name: Rowe, Margaret Moan


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Literary responses Muriel Spark
Graham Greene offered the same accolade as for her previous novel, recognizing its disappointing reception with: What fools the reviewers have been.
Greene, Graham. Graham Greene. A Life in Letters. Editor Greene, Richard, Alfred A. Knopf.
A. S. Byatt admired the mocking and sinister games played by the...
Literary responses Muriel Spark
More recently Margaret Moan Rowe , writing on Spark for the Dictionary of Literary Biography, was harder to please. Though she called the book a satisfying first novel, she believed that the disembodied voices...
Literary responses Muriel Spark
Commentator Frank Baldanza called Robinsona sharp decline
Oldsey, Bernard Stanley, editor. Dictionary of Literary Biography 15. Gale Research.
15: 493
from The Comforters, and Margaret Moan Rowe agreed. On the other hand, Velma Richmond finds in it a zesty exuberance and confidence that suggest...
Literary responses Muriel Spark
British Book News began to cool wirh this novel: this time her central character is scarcely a sufficiently plausible figure to dominate the story as the plot requires.
British Book News. British Council.
(1960): 289
But Storm Jameson found the...
Literary responses Muriel Spark
Publication evoked a chorus of praise Frank Kermode , finding this a little miracle of a book, was not untypical.
Stannard, Martin. Muriel Spark. The Biography. Weidenfeld and Nicolson.
More recently and less sympathetically, Margaret Moan Rowe saw the social satire and spiritual...


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Rowe, Margaret Moan. Doris Lessing. Macmillan, 1994.