Thelma Wood

Standard Name: Wood, Thelma


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Cultural formation Djuna Barnes
DB 's sexuality was complex, and not easily defined. She had many affairs with both men and women, most notably Thelma Wood . Her biographers have called her basically heterosexual
Field, Andrew. Djuna: The Formidable Miss Barnes. University of Texas.
and bisexual—more so in...
Dedications Djuna Barnes
DB published her experimental novel Ryder, dedicated to T. W.Thelma Wood .
Messerli, Douglas. Djuna Barnes: A Bibliography. David Lewis.
Herring, Phillip. Djuna: The Life and Work of Djuna Barnes. Penguin.
Family and Intimate relationships Djuna Barnes
DB met American silverpoint artist Thelma Wood in Paris in 1921 or 1922. Although she said after their affair was over that I have had my great love, there will never be another,
Herring, Phillip. Djuna: The Life and Work of Djuna Barnes. Penguin.
Friends, Associates Harriet Shaw Weaver
McAlmon hosted a dinner party which Weaver attended together with Djuna Barnes , William Bird , sculptor Thelma Wood , and Ezra Pound , who mortified her by teasing her, quite without justification, about her...
Textual Features Djuna Barnes
Like much of DB 's writing, Nightwood is autobiographical; in it she turned not to her family but to acquaintances from Greenwich Village and (once again) Paris. Felix Volkbein is based on her former...
Textual Production Djuna Barnes
This first edition of Ladies Almanack was published privately, and sold on the streets of Paris by DB and her friends. Barnes used the profits to pay Thelma Wood 's hospital bills. The book was...


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